Brasileiros no Neocities

Um webring pra os brasileiros que fizeram sites no neocities! esse site precisa de mais brasileiros :] Não importa se seu site é em português ou em inglês!

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Copy the following markup to your website so your visitors can navigate your webring. Alternatively, get creative and design your own!

In many cases, simply using the random site link will suffice!

To get the HTML code for linking a particular site to the webring, use the Get Example Markup button below it in the list.

Note: The URL parameter for identifying a website's position in the webring has changed from a numerical index, to the site's URL. The old numerical 'index' parameter will still work correctly, however for new sites the 'via' parameter is recommended. This helps correct an issue where deleting a site from a webring can cause the numerical index to point to the wrong site. Sites currently using the old markup do not need to upgrade.


  1. Rotten Rainbowhttps://rotten1rainbow508.neocities.org/
  2. Caderno da Manjericãohttps://cadernodamanjericao.neocities.org/
  3. Fidomaninhttps://fi-do-manin.neocities.org/
  4. Buteco do Dorivalhttps://dorival.neocities.org
  5. Nathubhttps://splattacks.neocities.org/
  6. Jutipiahttps://jutipia.neocities.org/
  7. O Armazém criativo do ABChttps://abcthehuman.neocities.org/
  8. Weird Bacchttps://weirdbacc.neocities.org/
  9. Toca do Rio McCloudhttps://riomccloud.neocities.org/
  10. evilfleurshttps://evilfleurs.neocities.org/
  11. Bigodehttps://semcompromisso.neocities.org/
  12. Gildedwarehttps://gildedware.neocities.org/
  13. catboohttps://catboo.neocities.org/
  14. Rike's Zonehttps://hnrikaster.neocities.org/
  15. soursweethttps://soursweet.neocities.org/
  16. Javihttps://jevi.neocities.org/
  17. Groselhashttps://groselhas.com.br/
  18. LauraLuvbihttps://lauraluvbi.neocities.org
  19. Pudowebhttps://pudo.neocities.org