Welcome to webri.ng

Can I customise my webring?

The idea behind this service is to provide the functionality a user would need to run their own webring. Webri.ng doesn't intend to offer a fully-featured hosting service. The ideal use case is the owner of a webring sharing the links provided to allow users to navigate their webring.

This can be used in a variety of ways, such as embedding the links in a 'badge' format that the members of a webring can place on their pages. Or perhaps embedding the links in images. In many cases, only using the 'random' link will suffice.

Users are always free to set up DNS records so that they can embed the links to their webring into their site. Such as redirecting their own URLs to the 'next', 'previous', and 'random' links associated with their site. These URLs are permanent, and do not change.

If you need assistance with using your webring, feel free to reach out.

Is the source code to this service available?

Yes it is! The source code for this site can be viewed here.

Why not provide users software for self-hosting?

This is a good question! The thought did occur to me to create software that users could use to self-host their own webring instance. This would totally be in alignment with this website's aims of supporting the 'small web'.

In the end I decided to proceed with creating the service you see here today. If for no other reason than to take advantage of the great URL! As a compromise, the source code for this site is fully available. If someone wished to fork this site's software, or use it to create their own webring software, that is totally fine! Provided they give proper credit of course.